June is officially Pride Month and a ton of designers and brands are here to help you celebrate.

Designer Alexander Wang and condom company Trojan have paired up to bring you the campaign “Protect Your Wang” to promote safe sex among the LGBTQ community.

The capsule collection includes a unisex tee, a hat, and a pair of sex — all with the slogan “Protect Your Wang.” And, of course, each purchase comes with a branded condom. According to Wang’s Instagram, “a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the LGBT Center of New York to support the organization’s sexual health programs.”

The “Protect Your Wang” campaign will also make an appearance at the NYC Pride Parade with a branded float from Alexander Wang and Trojan.

The two actually started their collaboration last year, but couldn’t get their ducks in a row fast enough to come out with the collection. Wang told Mic,

“It started last year with me reaching out to Trojan wanting to work on an initiative for the pride parade, and we were able to create a float together and donate proceeds toward the LGBT Center here in New York. We had made T-shirts for the parade, but it was so last-minute that we weren’t able to actually produce them, to actually sell them and donate the proceeds.”

Of course, nothing from Alexander Wang is ever cheap. The tee is $125 and the socks are $45. But hey — it’s for a good cause, right?


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