‘Riverdale’ Fans Have a Theory Alice Cooper is a Witch

Riverdale fans, are you sitting down for this one?

Certain fans have this wild theory, but one that somewhat makes sense.

Some people believe that Alice Cooper, Betty’s mom, might be a witch. And that she could be related to Sabrina Spellman (as in, Sabrina the Teenage Witch.)

According to Glamour, here’s the evidence they present.

A few months ago, Tumblr user Betty and Jughead posted a series of GIFs in which they highlight the moments when Mrs. Cooper uses particularly “witchy” language. They write,

“Just throwin’ it out there. My headcanon theory before the Season Finale next week. Could it be possible that Alice Cooper or rather Alice is a descendant of a witching family?….and that she’s related to the Spellmans who lives in Greendale? (In the comics, her maiden name is Smith…but who knows what it is in Riverdale.)”

They add,

“She’s constantly using terms like ‘brew’ and ‘banish’ and ‘witching hour’….. and I’m wondering if perhaps she’s the black sheep of the family that doesn’t want to accept her witchcraft lineage and instead decided to shun her family, move away from SouthSide, marry Hal and build a fresh new life for herself. Kinda like Petunia Dursley…. and maybe that’s the secret that she’s been hiding. Or….. perhaps when they were in school, she along with Penelope delved into some witchcraft…. that would explain why she kept insinuating how evil the Blossom’s are. Wild theory, I know”

I agree that the theory is a little wild. The show has never insinuated any supernatural elements and the language choice could be coincidental.

But at the same time, nothing is an accident. The writers would not just use that phrasing for no reason.

And NOW, there’s even more evidence to believe that theory.

You may recall that Riverdale writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is working on a script for a dark version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch to air on the CW. Could there be a crossover? Is this all planned?? What is real???

What are your thoughts? Potential crossover here, or just a coincidence?

Allie Bush
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