Alicia Silverstone Hated Her ‘Clueless’ Character Cher Horowitz

What is this nonsense?! Alicia Silverstone, star of the cult classic Clueless, just revealed that she hated her character Cher Horowitz and we are truly appalled.

Speaking with ET in October 2020, she said she originally had a hard time getting into character since she wasn’t particularly a fan.

“When I grew up I did not like these kinds of girls. I could not stand them, so it was hard for me to even, like, get into this character because that was something I’ve always hated.”

She added,

“I grew up in a nice area and all these girls had everything and I knew all these kinds of girls — one in particular. But the one thing they don’t have, which Cher does, is that solid, 100 percent, pure good heart, and happiness.”

clueless cher house
Clueless (1995)

Despite her disdain for the type of girl Cher represented, Alicia said she ended up having a ton of fun playing the character. She told Vanity Fair in 2015,

“I remember when I read the script the first time, thinking, ‘Oh, she’s so materialistic’ — that I was judging [Cher] instead of being delighted by her. I remember thinking, ‘This is so funny and I’m not funny’. But once I was playing her — I just had so much fun being her.”

Cher might have been ~totally clueless~ and a bit materialistic, but she always had a good heart. After all, who could forget her iconic debate speech on immigration in which she advocated for open borders (“it does not say RSVP on the statue of liberty!”)? And what about her efforts to help the survivors of the Pismo Beach disaster?

Cher might not have always known the right thing to do, but she always had good intentions.

Another juicy nugget Alicia dropped in her interview with ET: She gave away all her costumes from the film, and of course, completely regrets it.

Alicia says she didn’t really understand fashion at the time and didn’t quite know how to wear the clothes post-production.

“I took so much of the clothes and I’m really sad because I don’t have any of them anymore because, like a ding dong, I got home with so many of the clothes and I was like, ‘How am I going to wear these Mary Janes out now?'”

Of course, 90s fashion has since made a major comeback and many are turning to Cher Horowitz for inspiration.

In 2021, Rodarte debuted their new campaign, which was directly inspired by the iconic 1995 movie. The designers told Vogue that they had watched the movie “hundreds of times” growing up. And the best part of all? They asked Alicia to channel her inner Cher and star in the campaign.

You can check out Rodarte and Alicia Silverstone’s totally 90s campaign here.


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