TERFs Throw Hissy Fit After Always Brand Maxi Pads Attempts to Be More Trans Inclusive

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Always brand maxi pads have decided to revamp their packaging to be more inclusive of nonbinary folks and transgender men.

Trans activists have lobbied for a while for the brand to be more considerate of them in their branding and packaging, which currently features the venus symbol. Some transmen and allies even tweeted at Always, telling them that the packaging made them feel embarrassed to buy menstrual supplies. And now, Always has decided to make some changes.

In a statement made to trans activist Ben Saunders via Twitter, Always said,

“We are glad to inform you that as of December we will use a wrapper design without the feminine symbol. We are absolutely grateful for having people like you voicing their opinions.”

They noted, however, that the new packages wouldn’t actually hit stores until January 2020.

Of course, Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) are currently throwing temper tantrums. Infamous TERF and writer Julie Bindle even wrote an article for The Telegraph exclaiming that “by caving into trans activists, Always have eliminated women.”

Such a comment is completely ridiculous and is actually an argument that has been made by misogynistic racist old white men for centuries as to why women and POC should not be given equal rights.

Inclusivity is all about including more people not less, so how could that possibly lead to your erasure?

People like Julie Bindel and other TERFs do not acknowledge that transgender is a valid gender and have actively fought against the transgender community from getting any recognition or rights. In other words, they are people who claim to be “feminists” while being openly and unabashedly transphobic.

Such behavior is absolutely abhorrent and goes against everything that feminism stands for. Anyone who advocates against the rights of anyone should not be using the label of “feminist.”

Regardless, it’s wonderful that Always has heard trans activists and even better that they’ve decided to take action. The brand has notoriously been all about “girl power” with campaigns such as “Like a Girl” and this is a great first step in including all people who menstruate, not just cis women.


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