Climate change might be the greatest crisis facing our generation but luckily we have our best people on it (and no, I don’t mean Greta Thunberg).

Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank are ready to tackle the climate crisis this season on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

During the IASIP season 14 premiere, the cast talked about the inspiration for the episode and what we can expect.

Rob McElhenney told Variety,

“It’s clear that we’re barreling towards a global catastrophe and we thought that we would satirize that with late-night basic cable dick jokes.”

Charlie Day agreed that the topic seemed like “fertile ground” for the show to cover.

Even though the show loves to tackle major issues with jokes, the cast all know the seriousness of the situation IRL.

On the red carpet, Danny DeVito opened up about his concerns and growing anger at Congress for not taking action. He said,

“I was watching Greta Thunberg today — she’s a cool little kid from Sweden. There were a lot of people supporting her out there in the world. Is it going to make a difference? Only if the bozos in office get off their asses and do something about it.”

He then added,

“Why don’t they give a shit? I just can’t figure it out.”

Me neither!

You can watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FXX.


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