Is ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Dunzo?

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We have some good news/bad news to report here. Glenn Howerton’s new NBC show AP Bio has officially been picked up! But could that mean the end of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

NBC officially gave the green light for AP Bio, which follows Howerton as a failed philosophy scholar who is forced to take a position as a high school teacher. Knowing Glenn’s previous work on both It’s Always Sunny and The Mindy Project, we know it will be hilarious. But that does leave the fate of Sunny left in the air.

Season 12 of Sunny ended on a bit of a cliffhanger with [SPOILER] Glenn departing the bar. Afterward, he gave a pretty ambiguous interview in which he said that the team purposely left his character Dennis’ fate up in the air. And although Howerton’s departure might just mean the end of Dennis and not necessarily the end of Sunny, that makes us feel dubious. Even if Sunny were to continue without Howerton, what show has ever survived long past a main cast member’s departure?

Olsen previously told TV Guide that season 13 would air in 2019 but we’re feeling less and less hopeful that that will become a reality.

Charlie Day has become a movie star, with his latest film Fist Fight in theaters now. Kaitlin Olsen has moved on to The Mick, which, also a FOX conglomerate-owned show, made it easier for her to balance the two shows, but how long could that last? Meanwhile, her real-life husband Rob McElhenney is writing the Minecraft movie.

And season 12 might be a good place to end. While many hit shows try usually outlast their creativity, ending the show now might give Sunny the chance to end on a high note. Not to mention that the last few seasons saw some very real conclusions to many of the seemingly never-ending problems: Charlie finally slept with the waitress, Mac came out as gay, and Dennis has finally stopped being a douchebag.

We’re gonna call it now. RIP Sunny.

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