Amber Heard Stands Up to Pro-Life Politicians: 'Mind Your Own F*cking Business'

Amber Heard recently attended Planned Parenthood’s Into Action gala and she did not hold back when it came to anti-choice — particularly male — politicians who are desperately trying to regulate women’s bodies.

Speaking with W magazine, she said,

“Anyone can have their own beliefs, political associations, or alliances, but this is about basic fairness.”

She continued,

“Why would we let somebody make a rule that concerns our physical health who has not experienced life as that kind of person? I would never assume I could make a law, or set of laws, or establish a standard of living for someone that I have never met, nor experienced life as. It’s absurd. If you’ve not had your feet in the stirrups, mind your own fucking business.”

Amber has always been a fierce activist, most notably using her fame to advocate for LGBTQ rights.

While at the Create & Cultivate conference recently, she said,

“I know that visibility is crucial. When we hear other people say, ‘Yes, me too,’ the immense power we get from building that community is how we change. When we collectively act, we impart dramatic social change.”

She added,

“When I look back on all the things I’ve done, sure I am proud of my professional accomplishments and movies. But that is nothing in comparison to the pride I feel for what I stood up for because it was right and true. I did that despite what it cost me… I would rather go down for being who I am than to be popular for something I’m not.”


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Lena Finkel
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