Amber recently chatted with plus size supermodel Tess Holliday about pregnancy sex.

tess and amber
credit: Instagram

We know it only just started but we are so obsessed with Amber Rose’s new talk show. This girl knows how to get real with a capital R.

Amber recently had plus size supermodel (and new mom!) Tess Holliday on the show to talk pregnancy sex.

Tess said that she was plenty horny up until the day she gave birth while Amber admitted she wasn’t really feeling it. However, she was grateful that her boo was still into her body all nine months!

Additionally, Amber mentioned that her bestie Chyna (who’s currently pregnant with Rob Kardashian’s baby) is crazy horned-up! Way to spill the beans, Amber.

Check out the full clip below.

Prior to her VH1 show, Amber opened up about how she planned to use the platform to get rid of many stigmas for women, including those who have multiple sex partners.

Other guests who have appeared on Amber Rose Talk Show include T.I. and French Montana.

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