An American Idol Comeback Could be in the Future

american idol comeback
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American Idol might be making a comeback, and there’s legitimately a network war over it.

Uh, why? That cash cow was milked until it was bone dry. Pardon me for making assumptions, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that nobody wants it to come back.

In February, Variety reported that NBC was in the midst of discussions with FremantleMedia (the producers of Idol), about bringing the show back. If NBC were to get the show, they would cut The Voice to just one cycle per year. Rumor has it that Adam Levine only wants to do the show once a year anyway.

And the plot thickens! Now Fox is in the mix!

The network that originally aired the singing competition wants it back as well. Apparently, it only stopped producing the show because it became too expensive to keep the celebrity judges and mentors.

Both networks have expressed interest in Ryan Seacrest returning as host.

Who will win this network battle about a show people have stopped caring about? Only time will tell! And it will take time. TMZ reports that the show won’t air until 2018 or 2019 if a deal is made.

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