Amy Poehler is having a seriously boss week.

Amy Poehler is seriously on fire! Inking deals left and right plus upcoming guest starring roles and a possible Emmy nod, Amy has officially reached baller status (although we have a feeling she was already there).

This week not only did Amy sign a deal for a UCB-inspired scripted show with Universal, but she also got her new show The Baby picked up by NBC for a pilot episode. The comedy is set to star American Pie alum Sean William Scott as the youngest son in a family of women, who also happen to be in the business of organized crime. So yeah, we’ll definitely be watching that.

In the meantime, Amy is set to guest star in the upcoming episode of Maya & Marty alongside her fellow ex-SNL stars Will Forte and Maya Rudolph. Plus, there’s already talks that her co-hosting episode of SNL with Tina Fey will get her an Emmy nomination.

Could Amy be any more awesome? We think not.


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