Andy Cohen Replaces Kathy Griffin as Co-Host of CNN’s New Year’s Eve Special

CNN fired Kathy Griffin from co-hosting their New Year’s Eve special last May after a photo of her posing with a fake severed, bloody Trump head went viral. Today, they announced Andy Cohen will replace her.

Donald Trump has done so many appalling, dangerous and untruthful things that have not received half the professional damage as Kathy Griffin faced. But of course, only Kathy has been replaced.

Andy, who’s a friend of Kathy, tweeted

Anderson Cooper, Griffin’s former New Year’s Eve co-host, was one of many who condemned Griffin’s photo, despite the fact that the two used to be good pals. Perhaps he had a say in the firing? He tweeted earlier this year,

He tweeted earlier this year,

Cooper and new co-host Cohen are longtime close friends, and they’ve actually been on a national tour for their show ‘AC2: An Intimate Evening with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.”

The quality of the show probably won’t change much with Griffin’s absence.

Griffin has since taken a massive amount of condemnation she received from the photo and turned it into a new comedy tour titled “Laugh Your Head Off.”

Anne Catherine Demere
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