Anti-Semitism Surges Worldwide Amidst Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


As the world watches the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, anti-Semitic hate crimes have increased significantly in only a few days.

Anti-Semitism has erupted in countries like the United States, Canada, the UK, and Germany. The hate crimes range from physical beatings to crude graffiti to verbal attacks. The UK estimates that anti-Semitic hate incidents have increased by 250% in the last week alone.

Many pro-Palestinian supporters insist that their views have nothing to do with religion but the correlation between pro-Palestinian rallies and anti-Semitic hate crimes is undeniable.

Below is a list of some of the hate crimes that have been documented in the last seven days.

May 12: Bonn, Germany

Three men in their early 20s attacked a local synagogue and admitted to throwing stones at the windows and burning an Israeli flag in front of the temple. The attackers admitted that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was their motivation. (via Reuters)

May 12: Muenster, Germany

A group of more than a dozen men was detained after they gathered outside a synagogue to burn an Israeli flag.

May 12: Duesseldorf, Germany

A group of vandals burned a bag of garbage on top of a stone commemorating the Grand Synagogue. The Grand Synonyogue was destroyed during Kristallnacht in 1938. (via Reuters)

May 13: Gelsenkirchen, Germany

A group of protesters waving Palestinian and Turkish flags stopped in front of a synagogue in Gelsenkirchen, where they cursed and yelled anti-Semitic rhetoric. (via ABC)

May 16: London, England

A convoy of cars drove through London on Sunday bearing Palestinian flags and yelled out their windows,

“Fuck the Jews. Fuck them all. Fuck their mothers. Fuck their daughters. Rape their daughters. We have to send a message.”

Someone took a video on their cellphone of the incident.

(via Metro UK)

May 16: Essex, London, England

Two young men physically attacked a rabbi in Essex on Sunday.

Rabbi Rafi Goodwin was in his car when two men started yelling anti-Semitic slurs and attacking his car. When the rabbi got out to confront them, they physically beat him, eventually landing him in the hospital. (via Metro UK)

May 17: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Police are currently investigating at least two incidents in which individuals approached homes and yelled anti-Semitic rhetoric.

The incidents occurred while a large pro-Palestinian rally was held in the city on Saturday. (via Edmonton Journal)

May 17: Berlin, Germany

At a rally in Neuköllin on Saturday, more than 6,500 people gathered where they burned Israeli flags, yelled anti-Semitic rhetoric, and flew Hamas banners.

A separate, smaller rally earlier that day led to a number of arrests in which protesters were charged with hate speech and assault. (via The Guardian)

May 18: Los Angeles, California

A group of people waving pro-Palestinian flags attacked restaurant diners in LA by throwing glass bottles at them and yelling anti-Semitic rhetoric.

A non-Jewish diner attempted to intervene only to be pepper-sprayed by the pro-Palestinian group. (via Newsweek)

May 19: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

According to a press release by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, incidents in Montreal include individuals throwing rocks at peaceful pro-Israel protesters, vandalism, the yelling of anti-Semitic slurs while driving through Jewish neighborhoods, and chants of “death to Jews” at anti-Israel demonstrations. (via CIJA)

May 19: London, England

When the Jewish Society of University College London posted an Instagram story on Wednesday about a Holocaust survivor who had been killed by Hamas rockets, replies included ones like:

“Good. Lol. You didn’t learn from the Holocaust, killing Palestinians how the Germans killed you. You jokers.”

Another message included:

“You will pay very soon for all you and your country have done. I will wait to see you in the campus to remove your kipas the same way you humiliate and remove hijabs of Palestinian women.”

(via Metro UK)

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