'ANTM' Finale: Tyra Messed Up Big Time

It’s a rare moment when America’s Next Top Model gets it this wrong.

Sure I’ve disagreed with certain individual eliminations but the ultimate winner always seemed deserving. Not this time.

As you probably know by now, they officially crowned Kyla as the winner of ANTM last night.

Kyla certainly looks the part. The lips, the hair, the body all scream “model.” And I do appreciate that she’s an activist. As we all know, it takes more than a pretty face to make an impact on the public.

But does she have the talent? Eh.

Yes, she had one or two great photos and yes she did get better as the competition went along. But for the most part, she was inconsistent and very middle-of-the-pack.

KhrystyAna should have won. It’s obvious. She had the talent, the personality, and that special “it factor.” Not to mention she was clearly the fan favorite.

antm finale
Credit: ANTM/ Instagram

I had the chance to speak with KhrystyAna a few weeks ago and she was everything you saw on TV and more – bubbly, smart, passionate, inspiring. And isn’t that what we want in a top model?

Let me be clear – this is not a smear campaign against Kyla. She’s a lovely girl both inside and out and a fine model. It’s just that KhrystyAna was leaps and bounds ahead of her in every way possible. It’s almost laughable that she didn’t win.

At the time of Femestella‘s interview, KhrystyAna was signed to a small agency but I sincerely hope that changes now that the season is over.

antm khrystyana
Credit: ANTM/ Instagram

KhrystyAna is a star and Tyra and the judges messed up big time by not crowning her the winner.

But don’t worry — I have a feeling KhrystyAna will end up on top in the long run.


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