Ashley Graham Talks Marriage, Weight Gain, and Freaky Sex

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All hail Ashley Graham, queen of body positivity! The plus-size model is giving out the dish, answering all of your questions regarding sex and body image.

Graham chatted with Glamour for their sex issue, where she spoke about everything sex-related under the sun. She also touched on her recent memoir, A New Model, which addressed her tumultuous romantic relationships prior to her marriage to her husband Justin.

One such relationship included a romance with an emotionally abusive man. She recalled,

“One night he chased me around the kitchen with a butcher knife, and I ran into the bathroom and called my mom. I feared for my life.”

So terrible!

So it’s safe to say she’s learned a lot about men and relationships since then and now she’s giving out her wisdom.

Ok, on to her sexpertise!

On how to deal with the pressure to be a freak in the sheets…

“It’s such B.S.! You don’t have to turn into a vixen. I’m a nerd in bed. My hair looks crazy. My husband sometimes says I look a little cross-eyed. [Laughs.] It’s really about being you.”

On keeping your confidence after weight-gain…

“It’s always difficult. As women gain weight, they start judging themselves. But who cares! Embrace what you have. Say, “Belly, you might be poking out today, but I’m going to choose to love you and nurture you.” The more you talk to him about how you don’t like yourself, the more you’re training him to not like you.”

On her opinions on skipping the Brazilian…

“Honey, I have a full bush. Period. It’s about your preference and your partner’s preference.”

On married sex…

“Married sex is a little different because it becomes very available. You have to make it a little unavailable, so go on dates that are out of the norm. We’ll rent a crazy car and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway and then, you know, have fun in the car.”

Um, can Ashley be our BFF now? K, thanks.

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