Wednesday, October 11th was the International Day of the Girl (we hope you celebrated by being the boss that you are).

Some of our fave ladies spent the day at Glamour’s International Day of the Girl event, including model Ashley Graham.

At the event, Graham opened up about living with a learning disability and how it shaped her attitudes.

She said,

“I was diagnosed with bad dyslexia and ADD, and it was something that my mom and dad didn’t know how to handle. I think that having one-on-one attention is so important, especially with the public school system being so overpopulated. If we put more money into education and school systems, who knows? Kids like me who get lost in the system, they could be the next president, they could be the next CEO.”

Preach, girl!

Graham is also a well-known body positivity advocate, who has had to fight societal norms to achieve her success. She’s adopted the attitude that qualities that some see as challenges, like a learning disability or a curvy figure, should actually be viewed as an advantage. She explained,

“Whatever someone else thinks is wrong about you – whether it’s your opinion or your body—is actually your superpower.”

She continued,

“I’m not here to make you feel ‘beautiful,’ whatever that means. I’m here to make you understand that true beauty is being okay with who you are. Being okay with who you are is a revolutionary act. And making someone else feel okay with who they are? That’s downright heroic.”

As if we needed more proof that she is an undeniable queen.

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