Ashley Graham Proudly Shares Her Pregnancy Weight Gain — Inspires Fans to Do the Same

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Since announcing her pregnancy news to the world back in August, Ashley Graham has been sharing every moment of her journey with her fans.

Her most recent post showed off her belly in yoga clothes as she told her fans,

“Throughout my pregnancy so far I’ve gained 50lbs. And the best part is, I don’t care!”

She continued,

“I have never felt better, and I am so thankful that my body and son have allowed me to be as mobile and flexible as I have been. Between working out, yoga, acupuncture, and lymphatic massages- I finally feel like I figured out this whole pregnancy thing and how to feel my best.”

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Ashley’s words inspired followers to share their own pregnancy weight gains in the comments section — something that can often be taboo.

In a world where you’re expected to gain minimal weight while pregnant and then lose that weight immediately after giving birth, Ashley’s simple admission can be a *big* deal.

Pregnant women already have so much pressure on themselves and their bodies — the last thing they need is more pressure to stay skinny while trying to grow an actual human.

Even before her most recent Instagram post, Ashley has been trying to embrace tough conversations around pregnancy.

For her Vogue cover story, she got real about being super hormonal and feeling lonely at the beginning of her pregnancy before she told anyone. She said,

“I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I was gaining weight rapidly. And I felt alone.”

Luckily, she now has famous friends like Amy Schumer and Serena Williams to give her advice.

“There’s just this camaraderie. It’s a secret society that I didn’t know about.”

Ashley is currently expecting a baby boy in January 2020.


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