ashley graham time 100
source: Instagram

One of our favorite ladies, Ashley Graham, took to the TIME 100 gala today, where she looked amazing, per usual. And when she tripped on the red carpet? She somehow managed to look even better.

The 29-year-old model was honored as one of the top 100 influential people of the year. She was in the middle of a photo op when she seemingly rolled over her ankle. And yet somehow she managed to still look modelesque mid-fall! She totally handled like a pro, of course, and laughed it off.

As part of the honor, friend and fellow model Tyra Banks wrote an essay about Ashley’s awesomeness.

“I am beyond proud, in admiration and in awe of your power and influence over so many people’s self-worth. It is time for everyone to bow down to the fashion industry’s—no, make that beauty’s—new queen.”

AMEN! Graham has been a total body-positive role model for women across. She was the first plus-size model to cover Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and walk down the runway for Michael Kors.  She’s also been a proponent of the ‘Health at Every Size’ campaign and is currently a judge on America’s Next Top Model.  So proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished, Ashley!

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