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Rihanna may have changed maternity fashion for straight-sized girls everywhere, but Ashley Graham did the same thing for curvy girls.

The plus-size supermodel has spent the majority of the last three years pregnant — first with her son Isaac, who was born in January 2020, and then with her twins Malachi and Roman, who were born in January 2022.

But pregnancy hasn’t stopped the mom from dressing to the nines. Ashley has rocked some great designer looks both while pregnant and post-partum. Her outfits have been on-point, even those she dubs her “mom uniform.”

Below, we take a look at some of the fashion designers that Ashley Graham wears again and again.

One thing to note — since Ashley is a curvy girl, she can sometimes wear brands with limited size ranges that only go up to sizes 12 or 16. The designers we chose to include below are only the ones that actually have extended sizes, going up to at least size 22.

1. Hanifa

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Ashley Graham has worn Hanifa *a ton* — both pre-pregnancy and post-partum. The independently-owned brand was founded by Anifa Mvuemba, who finds inspiration from her Congolese roots. Hanifa’s collections often embrace bright, bold colors and designs, perfect for 2022’s biggest fashion trend, dopamine dressing. And, most importantly, the brand goes up to sizes 3X and dress sizes 22-24.

The brand is beloved by many celebrities, not just Ashley Graham. Others who have rocked Hanifa include Beyonce, Zendaya, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Elaine Welteroth, to name a few.

The brand isn’t exactly cheap but it isn’t completely out of reach, depending on your budget. Luckily, the website is super easy to navigate and has a live chat feature (learn more about chat features here).

You can also sometimes find a few pre-owned Hanifa pieces at Vestaire Collective, but obviously, that can be hit or miss depending on your size.

2. Knix

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Ashley Graham recently launched her collection with intimates brand Knix and she’s literally been wearing it non-stop! The collection is focused on comfort and includes bralettes, underwear, bodysuits, boxers, and more. With the exception of the bodysuits, all the items in the collection are under $50, making it one of the most affordable brands on the list.

As far as sizing goes, bra sizes go up to 4XL++ (aka 44F) and bottoms and bodysuits go up to size 4XL.

As far as the rest of Knix’s collections go, bras go up to size 42H and underwear goes up to size 4XL. Knix also sells loungewear, sleepwear, swimwear, and maternity wear, most of which go up to size 4XL.

3. Mara Hoffman

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Over the years, Mara Hoffman has made its way into Ashley Graham’s closet more than a few times. Mara Hoffman is a high-end designer brand that aims to be sustainably conscious. The collection includes a wide range of chic, classic pieces that include both statement-making dresses and more toned-down jumpsuits.

Prices definitely aren’t cheap but the designs are beautiful (if you can afford them!) and sizing goes up to 3X.

Other celebrities who have worn Mara Hoffman include Mindy Kaling, Chrissy Teigen, Sofia Vergara, and Beyonce.

4. Fendi

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Surprised to see Fendi on this list? So were we! Turns out the uber-exclusive fashion house goes up to size 4X. Considering the brand only introduced curvy models to their runway shows in 2020, it’s a pleasant surprise to see they’ve extended their sizes (unlike some fashion houses).

Ashley has often embraced Fendi into her wardrobe and even wore a hot pink Fendi bodysuit while pregnant with her twins and she looked *amazing*. We love how she paired it with a long leather jacket like a motherf*cking badass.

Can’t afford brand-new Fendi? Don’t worry. There are plenty of places that sell pre-owned pieces including Vestaire Collective, Farfetch, The Real Real, and The Vintage Bar. It still won’t exactly be “cheap” but it will be cheaper.

As for celebrity admirers of the brand, who doesn’t love Fendi? Some of the most frequent wearers include models Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Alessandra Ambrosio.


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Ever since Ashley Graham wore a pair of wide-leg leather pants on Instagram last year, we’ve basically been obsessed! Turns out the pants were from high-end leather brand VEDA, whose original mission was to create the *perfect* leather jacket. Well not only have they succeeded, but they’ve moved on to trousers and skirts as well.

Since launching in 2008, VEDA has gone on to create an extended-sizes collection that goes up to 6X! They even offer a plus-size vegan leather jacket if genuine leather isn’t your thing.

The brand is still relatively small but other celebrities who have worn VEDA over the years include Barbara Palvin, Chloe Bennet, Emma Stone, and Kate Bosworth.

6. Marina Rinaldi

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Ashley Graham literally used to be *obsessed* with designer Marina Rinaldi. Prior to the birth of her first son, Ashley used to wear the brand all the time and posted a ton of pics on Instagram.

And we totally get why! The Italian designer exclusively makes plus-size clothing, which means the brand actually knows how to create clothes for a body with curves. The collections include a variety of classic pieces that would be perfect for either work or a cocktail party. Many of the dresses come in bright, beautiful colors that will certainly make a statement.

Sizing is a bit on the stingy side, however, with clothing only going up to size 2XL and dress size 24. Prices can vary widely, but you can usually find a great dress under $200 in the sale section.

7. Amazon Aware

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This spring, Ashley Graham became one of the new influencers for Amazon Aware, Amazon’s attempt at a “sustainable” clothing collection (hah!).

Putting the greenwashing aside, the collection does have a lot of really nice basics at affordable prices (think under $50). But the best part? Sizes go up to 7X. Now that’s what we call inclusive sizing!

The brand also makes a point of using plus-size models for the clothing, even for the pieces that come in straight sizes as well (and we all know how rare that is).

8. Le Mystere

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credit: Vogue

In her “7 Days, 7 Looks” video for Vogue, Ashley Graham showed off one of her absolute favorite bras by the brand Le Mystere. At the time, Ashley was nursing her first son Isaac, but you never would have guessed given how sexy the black mesh bra was.

The brand offers a wide range of products. In addition to nursing bras, they also a variety of standard bras, bralettes, underwear, bustiers, bodysuits, and more.

Bra sizes go up to 50H.


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