Aziz Ansari on What to Expect in ‘Master of None’ Season 2

master of none

The much anticipated second season of Master of None is on the horizon!

Netflix announced the season’s premiere date back in March and released the official trailer earlier this month.

In an interview with Vogue, Aziz Ansari gave a few little teasers in regards to what to expect from the second season.

In the show, his character Dev ends the season wanting to go to Italy to study pasta making. Ansari actually made this trip and worked in a pasta shop after season 1, and his travel along with his food-inspirations will play a role in Season 2.

Playing less of a role in Season 2? Ansari himself. Vogue reports that some episodes hardly feature him at all, and focus on other aspects of the story.

Ansari said,

“We’ve always thought the show can be like real life: Sometimes certain people are in your life, and sometimes they’re not.”

He also explained,

“Season one is about not knowing what you want. Season two is about wanting what you can’t have.”

So perhaps a little vague, but looks like we can expect more pasta and less Dev when the second season hits Netflix on May 12.

Fans have waited on Season 2 for quite some time now. Season 1 premiered back in November 2015, and the series renewed for season 2 in February 2016. Ansari previously explained that he was in no rush to make the second season. We understand…good things take time!

Regardless, we might have to re-watch Season 1 to even remember where we left off…

Allie Bush
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