Dean Unglert Admits Why He Wasn’t Picked for ‘The Bachelor’

Last week’s Bachelor announcement was surprising, and for some, almost disappointing.

Many franchise fans were hoping to see the likes of Eric, Peter, or Dean for the 2018 season. But now, Dean is opening up and acknowledging that he understands why he wasn’t chosen. And for anyone who watched Bachelor in Paradise, his reasoning isn’t surprising.

Speaking with ET, Dean said,

“If you watch two episodes of Paradise, you’ll see very quickly why I’m not the Bachelor this year.I don’t know if I necessarily qualify myself as a fuckboy, and of course, it’s everyone’s freedom of expression to call me whatever they want to call me, but at this point, it’s just getting overplayed and overused. While I disagree with that, I can see how my actions reflect it. But every time I see that comment on my Instagram, a part of me dies inside.”

So he knows he acted like a jerk but now he’s sad that people are calling him out on it? Hmm…

Don’t get me wrong, I’d never condone cyberbullying. So maybe a barrage of “fuckboy” comments are unnecessary. But still, he needs to be accountable for his behavior and not just be sad because people are calling him out on it.

But Dean fans, don’t worry! It may not be the last time we see him on the series. Creator Mike Fleiss hinted that he may be considered for future seasons…

Maybe that will give him some time to mature.


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