‘The Bachelor’ Luke Pell Responds to Dating Drama

Remember how The Bachelorette contestant Luke Pell almost became the Bachelor until a last-minute switch-up? Now we know why.

In a new YouTube video, former Bachelor contestant Lauren Hussey and fashion blogger Airelle Snyder dished on how they both dated Pell — at the same time!

According to the women, Pell cheated on them and “played them.”

Snyder told Us Weekly that they made the video “to help women look for signs in their relationships to save them from heartbreak.”

But Pell isn’t buying it. In fact, he claims that he and Snyder only talked a few times before it fizzled.

“On that video, she made it seem liked I dated her, but there is no way I ever dated her! There was never a relationship to break up from. It was never at that level.”

He even accused her of using him to get attention on social media. Harsh!

As for Hussey, Pell admits that the two of them did in fact date, but they had an official break-up conversation.

Hmm… perhaps it wasn’t as clear-cut as Luke Pell remembers.

The Bachelor producers have yet to respond if this is, in fact, the reason they cut the cord on Pell as the next Bachelor but we can imagine they would want to avoid the controversy if they knew about it before making a final decision.

Pell confirmed he is still currently single.


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