‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Corinne Olympios: Don’t Judge Until You Hear My Side

corinne olympios sit down
Credit: Corinne Olympios/ Instagram

After shit went down on Bachelor in Paradise this season, we heard from nearly everyone on the incident — except Corinne Olympios. But now she’s ready to share her side of the story.

Corinne is set to sit down with Chris Harrison this week on Bachelor in Paradise to talk about what went down and how she dealt with the aftermath. She’s received an enormous amount of cyber bullying and hate from both sides. Some claimed that she was a “slut” for hooking up with DeMario in the first place, and others judged her for so-called victimizing herself after the incident. Even fellow BiP contestant Raven Gates implied Corinne wasn’t an “actual victim.” The problem? Corinne never actually called herself a victim. She never even said whether she was assaulted or not, Her lawyer used the word victim but there was no evidence that Corinne thought of herself that way. Last week she tweeted out,

She since told Us Weekly,

“It’s going to be really great finally being able to tell my side of things, through my eyes.”

She added that she was relieved the sit-down was with Chris because she felt like she really trusted him.

Since everything went down, Olympios has mostly been laying low and relying on her family for support.

”[I’ve been doing] a lot of yoga, a lot of therapy, just family time. We’re a really close family.”

But it seems like her interview with Harrison will be the launching off point for Corinne to get back into the spotlight. She recently confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter,

“I do have a [reality] show in the works and I’m also working on a scripted show with one of my favorite producers.”

In the meantime, Corinne will continue running her Team Corn clothing line and living her best life.

“I always try to just come being the best I can be, the best Corinne I can be, I guess. And I really just follow my heart. I don’t really let anything else get in the way.”

Corinne’s interview with Chris Harrison airs this Tuesday on ABC.

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