What Happened When I Tried The New Anti-Chaffing Lingerie

bandelettes anti chaffing

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If you lack a thigh gap (me!) then you know summer can wreak havoc on your legs. Chaffing is very real and pretty much unavoidable in the dead of summer when jeans are out of the question.

Enter Bandelettes: the new brand that makes chaffing sexy. The lacy thigh bands are designed to rest perfectly on your upper thighs, right where chaffing would attack.

So I set out to see if Bandelettes are really all that and more. My biggest concerns were comfort and, more importantly, if they could really withstand the day.

It’s supposed to get up to 90 degrees today so it’s the perfect day to put them to the test. Let’s jump right in…

7 AM

And the Bandelettes are officially on! I’m a size 8 so I went with size B in black lace. The lace is soft and doesn’t rub together as I would have thought. The elastic is the perfect strength — enough to keep the bands in place, but not too tight.

Comfort Level: A+

Added bonus: you definitely can’t see the outlines of the bands through your clothes. I’m wearing a form-fitting ribbed skirt and my thighs look perfectly smooth.

bandelettes anti chaffing
Credit: Bandelettes/ Instagram
3 PM

8 hours later and my Bandelettes are perfectly in place. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. Usually around this time in the winter, I’d be yanking up my tights like crazy.

The bands are still super comfy and I’m even starting to forget I’m even wearing them.

My one minor complaint is that after sitting for a while I can definitely feel the lace imprinting on my skin a bit. But the feeling goes away within seconds of standing up so it’s no biggie.

Comfort Level: A

Staying Power: A+

bandelettes review
Credit: Bandelettes/ Instagram
7 PM

I’m finally home and the Bandelettes are off! I could’ve definitely worn them for a few more hours but I have to admit that they were starting to slightly irritate my skin. Although with sensitive skin, that’s pretty easy to do. I’m actually shocked that they didn’t bother me earlier in the day. And I’m even more surprised that the bands stayed perfectly in place for 12 straight hours. I didn’t know what to expect when I first put them on this morning, but they have absolutely surpassed any expectations I could’ve had.

I do wonder how long the elastic will stay this taunt, but if the thigh bands only make it through one summer, it would be totally worth it. At $16.99, they’re a total bargain. I can’t wait to wear these all summer long.

Comfort Level: A-

Staying Power: A+

You can find these thigh bands and much more (including gender-neutral bands!) on Bandelette’s website here.


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