11 Times 'Brooklyn 99' Got Real About America

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Let’s be real, it’s a bit difficult to be patriotic right now.

Criminals in office, immigrant children being separated from their parents, Roe v. Wade in danger, Nazis running for office — what’s there to be proud of?

Luckily, we have the hilarious Brooklyn 99 to help us get through it all. They find the perfect way to talk about racism, sexism, and all that other crap and somehow make us laugh. So here are all the times that Brooklyn 99 got real about the shit show that is America right now.

11. That Time Gina Said She Would Make the Perfect Politician

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10. That Time Jake and the Warden Joked About How Terrible Prison is for Trans People

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9. That Time It Was Way Too Easy for Jake to Buy Guns

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8. That Time Terry Was Stopped By a Cop for Being Black

brooklyn 99 terry racism

7. That Time Gina Called Out Amy for Doing an Impression of a Black Person

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6. That Time Terry Tried to Guilt Captain Holt for Not Having Children

brooklyn 99 captain holt

5. Every Time the Vulture Sexually Harassed Amy at Work

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4. That Time Gina Told Jake & Amy to Be Honest About Institutionalized Racism

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3. Any Time Captain Holt Pretended to Be a Misogynist Straight Guy

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2. That Time Terry and Holt Told Rosa They Wouldn’t Let Prison Dehumanize Her

brooklyn 99 rosa in prison

1. That Time Captain Holt Recounted His First Day As A Cop

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Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!


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