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The final season of the hit HBO show Girls is sadly upon us. (We don’t want it to end!)

As avid Girls watchers, we put together the top five episodes (although every episode is amazing) you need to watch (or re-watch), especially if you love the show as much as we do.

5. Season, 1 episode 7 “Welcome to Bushwick A.K.A The Cracident”

Good girl, Shoshanna, smokes crack and ends up spending a night with Ray (yes you read that right). Ray is handed the caretaker position as Hannah basically stalks Adam and finds out he’s in Alcoholics Anonymous (GASP). However, Hannah and Adam finally DTR (define the relationship) and I’ve never been so happy for a fictional relationship. I’ve also never had this type of experience in Bushwick, but it sounds like a good memory to reflect on and laugh at years later.

4. Season 2, episode 10 “Together”

Not only did Hannah fall even more in love with Adam, I did as well. A shirtless Adam running through New York City is all I needed to confirm my love for this show. Okay, I maybe already knew that I loved it, but this sealed the deal. This episode is why I’ll always be Team Adam and Hannah all the way.

3. Season 4, episode 8  “Tad & Loreed & Avi & Shanaz”

Hannah isn’t exactly the ideal substitute teacher, instead, she’s the cool one who hangs out with her students and gets piercings. She even ditches Fran, aka the hot teacher who wants to hang out with her. However, the show takes the oddest of turns when it reveals after four seasons that Hannah’s dad is gay. (WTF?!)

2. Season 5, episode 6 “The Panic In Central Park”

This is hands down the best episode ever created and for the writing and directing alone you should watch it. It’s a Marnie-centric episode and it will leave you crying and loving her more than ever. After a fight with Desi, Marnie leaves and runs into fan favorite ex, Charlie. (I had never been so excited for a character’s return!). They gallivant throughout New York City and end up at a gala together playing dress-up. The whole episode makes you route for a Marnie/Charlie reunion, but leaves you stunned when you find out Charlie is now a drug addict (seriously was the saddest thing to see). It’s a reality check for Marnie though, who ends up leaving Desi to find herself, which really is the best thing for her.

1. Season 6, episode 4 “Painful Evacuation”

This is the newest episode to date and it’s included because our girl Hannah finds out that she’s pregnant and takes the darkest of turns when two of Ray’s friends die. I wasn’t expecting this episode to be as dark as it was, but hey, Dunham likes to throw curve balls our way. Hannah has been perceived as selfish throughout the series and leaves us wondering, is Hannah really having a kid?!

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