The 7 Best Mystery Mini-Series on Netflix You Haven't Watched Yet

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We have to face the facts: Castle Rock season one is over and season two is just meh. *Cue tears*.

In case you need help filling the void, I’ve found the very best mystery mini-series on Netflix that will have you on the edge of your seat. Get ready for some serious binge-watching.

1. The Five

netflix mystery series
Photo: The Five / Netflix

The Five comes to us from mystery novelist Harlan Coben and has the best premise ever: A five-year-old is kidnapped and never seen again… until 20 years later when his DNA mysteriously shows up at a crime scene. Genius, right?

Every time you think you have it all figured out, they throw another wrench into the mix. It will have you guessing until the final moment.

2. La Mante

netflix best mystery series
Photo: La Mante / Netflix

This French series is probably my favorite on the list. The show opens with a series of murders, all of which appear to be copycat crimes of “The Praying Mantis”, a female serial killer who has been locked up for years.

She offers her help to the police, but with one condition: she only wants to work with her detective son, whom she hasn’t seen since she was locked up when he was a young boy.

Not only is the show unbelievably captivating, but it will also pull at your heartstrings. Put this one at the top of your list asap.

3. Retribution

netflix mystery mini series
Photo: Retribution / Netflix

Two neighboring families are dealing with the murders of their newlywed son and daughter when a stranger crashes his car at their farms. But the families soon realize that this stranger is actually the murderer of their kids. The families must figure out how to deal with the situation… and then live with the consequences.

This one is much less of a thriller than it is a fascinating series about how far families will go to get retribution.

4. Collateral

netflix mystery mini series
Photo: Collateral /Netflix

This British series starts out with what appears to be a random killing of a pizza delivery man. But it soon becomes clear that there is so much more to the crime including illegal immigrants and a possible drug ring.

Oh yeah, and it stars the brilliant Carrie Mulligan. Enough said.

5. No Second Chance

best netflix mini series
Photo: No Second Chance / Netflix

A French doctor wakes up in the hospital after a stranger breaks into her home and attempts to murder her and successfully murders her husband. But the worst is still ahead of her: Her baby daughter was kidnapped in the process and is now nowhere to be found. If she ever wants to see her daughter again, she’s going to have to do some seriously shady shit.

Another gift from Harlan Coben.

6. Deep Water

best netflix mystery mini series
Photo: Deep Water / Netflix

This Australian series revolves around a female detective (played by OITNB‘s Yael Stone) who’s working on a series of murders of gay men. But things start to get personal once she realizes that her dead brother may have been one of the killer’s victims.

7. Safe

netflix harlan coben
Photo: Safe / Netflix

And the last Harlan Coben series on the list is Safe starring Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall. The premise is simple: a teenage girl goes missing after a party and her father does everything he can to track her down. But when her boyfriend shows up dead, he realizes he’s in way over his head.


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