It’s Friday and that means new music releases! This week featured a lot of great music from women musicians, so we decided to put together a list of some songs you should definitely check out.

Lorde “Greenlight”

After almost two years of not releasing new music, Lorde back with “Greenlight.” The song is a breakup dance hit you need to hear! Lorde also released the title for the David Bowie-inspired album Melodrama, which we cannot wait for.

Léon “For You”

The Swedish singer is new, but has deep music roots since both of her parents were musicians. This week she released an EP titled For You, and one listen to the title track will keep you coming back for more.

leon best new female singer
source: Twitter
Laura Marling “Nothing, Not Nearly”

Marling is the British indie rock singer you need to hear ASAP. “Nothing, Not Nearly” is a guitar-heavy song that reminds you of the classic rock your parents jammed out to. Her voice is husky and soothing, with a range you wouldn’t expect.

Harloe ft. Dreezy “All In My Feelings”

Newcomer, singer, and songwriter for people like Britney Spears and Charli XCX, Harloe has taken a song she previously released and remixed it in the most fun way possible. The song has a great beat, with subtle claps in the background that make you just want to dance. Harloe also bring female rapper Dreezy on board for the song and all we can say is GIRL POWER!

Hayley Kiyoko “Sleepover”

Known from films like Lemonade Mouth and Scooby-Doo, actress Hayley Kiyoko is also a singer. “Sleepover” is a fun, trance-like pop song that you literally cannot get out of your head. You’ll have Kiyoko’s song on repeat, we promise.

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