A Guide to the Best Political Podcasts

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the increasing amount of political podcasts on iTunes, you’re not alone. Between all the media outlets, politicians, and amateurs jumping on board, just scrolling through the Top 100 charts leaves you confused enough to go running scared.

Below is a breakdown of the big players and what you need to know in order to get your political podcast on.

If you’re looking for straight-up news, no twist…

In an attempt to prove their nonpartisanship, New York Times has released the podcast The Daily, which, you guessed it, is a daily podcast. The Daily takes every precaution not to sway the listening and to keep it as neutral as possible. The result is a bit bland, but if you’re looking for A+ reporting, it can’t be beaten.

If you only have 10 minutes…

There’s a reason NPR’s Up First is trending at number three on the charts — it’s entertaining as hell and will give you the news you need to know it approximately 13 minutes or less. We’re not going to pretend like there isn’t a liberal slant to their reporting, but luckily that’s the way we like it. The podcast covers everything from international relations to special U.S. elections.

If you want to laugh out loud…

Former Obama aides Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett literally do not hold back on anything in their podcast Pod Save America. And because they don’t have an allegiance to a media company, luckily they don’t have to. The guys are hilarious and ridiculously smart. It’s also almost cathartic to hear everything you’re thinking said out loud. The word “moron” is often thrown around and we’re not mad about it.

If you want a feminist perspective…

This isn’t officially a “political” podcast, but Call Your Girlfriend offers a modern feminist perspective on the issues you need to know about. They cover the latest in the White House not to mention what’s going on I menstruation news. Bonus: they’ll also alert you to the latest Beyoncé news.

If you want a weekly rundown…

We’re going to have to go with NPR again on this one. Their Politics Podcast is the perfect weekly recap because it combines the reporting you need with the personality you want. Plus, they actually have a female host, unlike the other male-dominated political podcasts.


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