Bethenny Frankel Raises $25M For Ukraine

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Yet again, Bethenny Frankel is stepping up to the plate.

The former RHONY star has mobilized her non-profit BStrong in response to the Ukrainian crisis — to the tune of $25M.

Speaking with TMZ, she revealed that she already had $10M-worth aid ready to go into Ukraine. She said,

“Don’t forget that they’re out of medical supplies, they’re running out of food. It’s really bad there.”

Bethenny says they’re currently working with the military as well as former green beret special ops volunteers to distribute the aid to where they need it most. As she explained,

“You don’t just dump [the supplies]. You have to make sure it’s through trusted channels. You have to make sure you’re going into the right places where they need it.”

On top of that, BStrong is currently raising money to help Ukrainians relocate to safer places.

credit: Bethenny Frankel / Instagram

Bethenny has been documenting BStrong’s efforts with Ukraine on her Instagram account and revealed that she’s been working with Polish and Ukrainian organizations who are on the ground, including Global Empowerment Mission, which is helping to get Ukrainians across the border.

On February 26, she revealed,

“We have set up our first of many border entry point relief camps at Medyka to initially provide basic relief to refugees & relocate them to safe & comfortable locations with friends & family. Many want to stay in Poland which will require Airbnb-like solutions. We are securing a warehouse to amass, organize & distribute aid.”

The next day she updated fans and said,

“We will be setting up 10 organized specific booths for people’s unique & various needs. We have partnered with a local travel agent to assist in travel logistics.”

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credit: Bethenny Frankel / Instagram

Bethenny is well-versed in crisis relief, having delivered millions of dollars in aid to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Australia during the bush fires, and Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

One thing that makes BStrong unique, according to Bethenny, is that it’s a lot leaner and more efficient than other organizations. She told TMZ,

“I have found that a lot of the bigger orgs, they not only take a lot of the money for bureaucracy, but they’re not nimble.”

Bethenny is currently urging fans to make any kind of donations they can to help Ukrainians escape from dangerous areas.

She wrote,

“A $250 donation can relocate a family, $50 gets someone a train ticket out… you can make a huge difference in the world.”

To learn more about BStrong’s efforts to help Ukraine and how you can support them, head to its website here.


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