The Acting Advice Reese Witherspoon Gave Her ‘Big Little Lies’ Daughter

We think we can all agree that one of the best parts of Big Little Lies are the adorable and crazy-talented child actors.

This includes, of course, Darby Camp who plays Reese Witherspoon’s youngest daughter Chloe.

But when Camp first met her famous mom, she actually had no idea who she was! She told Vulture,

“When I met her the first time, I didn’t really know who she was. So I told my mom, like, ‘What is she famous for?’ and then she told me like all the stuff that she’s been in, and so then me and my mom and my sister, I think, watched Hot Pursuit and Legally Blonde.”

big little lies reese witherspoon
source: Instagram

LOL! Luckily, the two bonded immediately and Reese even gave her some acting tips! She recalled,

“I want to be an actor when I get older. Yes, I do. I think Reese said, ‘Don’t do the main character in big TV shows, like every single episode, every single season. Don’t be started on that.’ She started on movies and drama and that kind of stuff. She said that’s how she started out, and that would be better for a child.”

Witherspoon started out as a child actress herself and transitioned to adult acting effervescently. So if you’re going to get acting advice from anyone, Reese is the one to go to!

In addition to appearing on Big Little Lies, Darby Camp also appeared in The Leftovers opposite Justin Theroux.

It looks like all the child actors from the show are gaining a lot of success, as her costar Iain Armitage (who plays Ziggy) landed the lead role on Young Sheldon, the Big Bang Theory spinoff.


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