Bill Nye Explains the Science Behind Your Favorite Netflix Original Shows

bill nye
source: Instagram

Your favorite childhood scientist is back in the spotlight.

Bill Nye is back in the game, from his appearance at the March for Science to his new Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World.

And now he’s here to explain the science behind some of your favorite Netflix shows!

For example: How do the Gilmore Girls drink so much coffee? Could “the upside down” from Stranger Things exist?

Bill is here to answer it all! Kind of.

In the brief clips available to view on Netflix’s YouTube page, Bill generally outlines some interesting points about these topics.

Sure the clips are a little gimmicky, but still a fun nod to the relevance of science in every aspect of our lives. This echoes sentiments Nye expressed in his speech at the Washington D.C. science march. You can check out the three clips below!

Could he explain the science behind why I feel no qualms about watching 5 hours of Netflix?

Allie Bush
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