What’s Happening With ‘Billy on the Street’?

billy on the street canceled
Credit: Billy Eichner/ Instagram

It’s super vague what’s going to happen to my beloved Billy on the Street, and I am panicking.

The future of the variety/game show that started online and has since aired on Fuse and TruTV is very unclear.

There is something about Billy Eichner running up to total strangers in the streets of NYC to ask (or scream) subjective pop culture trivia that brings me inexplicable joy. I want it back! But it’s murky if/when/how that is going to happen.

Eichner tweeted the other day that the show will be back, but it’s all still a bit confusing.

The show is also officially leaving TruTV, where it aired for two seasons. In a statement, a network rep explains,

“We can confirm that new episodes of Billy on the Street will not be returning to truTV. The show is deceptively time-consuming to make and scheduling was increasingly difficult. We had a great run together capped off by the show’s Emmy nomination, and we wish Billy nothing but the best.”

Um, no. I will not accept this.

A possible explanation is that Billy Eichner is moving on to other things. With roles on AHS, Difficult People, and Friends from College, Eichner is gaining more and more visibility across many networks and platforms. Perhaps Billy on the Street is really just so time consuming that it’s hard to balance it all. I’m so glad he’s getting the attention he deserves, but still, I love his Billy on the Street character and if it goes away I will be really sad.

Deadline reports that Billy has previously claimed that despite his fame evolution, Billy on the Street won’t go away. He said,

“I want to meet my fans where they are, so it’s certainly not going away. I would hate for it to go away.”


And his tweet confirms that it doesn’t look like it is going away completely, but all this vagueness is unsettling. I hope we get some answers soon.

Allie Bush
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