'Black-ish' Yara Shahidi Talks Dating, Activism, and Her New Show

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Yara Shahidi is officially on a role. Between her new show Grown-ish slated on Freeform, an acceptance in Harvard, and all her revered activism, Yara’s life has pretty much aligned in all the right ways.

As she announced earlier this year, Yara received acceptance into Harvard (with the help of a letter of rec from Michelle Obama). But Harvard will have to wait for now because she’s getting her own spinoff from Black-ish called Gown-ish, where she’ll navigate her way through college and growing up.

Speaking with EW, she said,

“We have such an interesting group of characters that don’t seem to feel like they would ever know each other if it wasn’t for this class. It kind of goes back to the coming-of-age tale of how much of our experience is shared.”

She’ll also continue to make appearances on Black-ish, and some of her castmates will come make cameos on Grown-ish.

And in between shooting her new Freeform show, she’ll continue all the activism work she’s done. She’s been a huge advocate of women’s rights and even spoke at the Women’s March this year. She told Seventeen,

“Our generation is a representation of all the great movements that have come before us. It’s all about paying it forward… What I’m seeing is basically a movement to be your true self. There are no criteria as to what it takes to be involved, protected and cared for.”

Obviously, that doesn’t leave a ton of time for dating. But when you’re busy being a badass bitch, who gives a f— about boys?

“I haven’t dated anybody. My general outlook is if I don’t have time to take a bath on a regular basis, then I don’t have time for another human. I love being busy, and I enjoy where I am at right now.”


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