While all of the members of Blackpink have a unique sense of style, there’s no denying that Jennie has become known for her impeccable (and expensive) taste.

The 25-year-old loves to rock outfits composed of pieces from Self-Portrait, Calvin Klein, Miu Miu, and lots of Chanel.

It’s this love of Chanel that eventually landed her a spot as a brand ambassador for the fashion house’s Coco Crush jewelry line in 2021.

Jennie has also started dabbling in design as well and launched her first collab with eyewear brand Gentle Monster in 2020 with a collection called “Jentle Home.” And she’s already hard at work on her second collection, “Jentle Garden,” which is set to launch in 2022.

As for whether Jennie will ever start her own fashion line, the performer hasn’t ruled it out. In her interview with Vogue Korea, she said,

“I haven’t thought of it yet, but I would want to portray a comfortable and natural side of myself if I were to start my own fashion brand. A brand that people can wear easily and comfortably rather than an extravagant one.”

But until we can get our hands on a Jennie Kim original, we’ll just have to settle for emulating Jennie’s personal style.

Below, we’ve compiled Jennie’s best outfits of 2021 — and exactly where you can get them.

1. Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Blackpink

where to get jennies outfits blackpink
credit: Jennie / Instagram

In August, Jennie paid homage to Blackpink’s 5th anniversary while wearing a Cecilie Bahnsen White Puff-Sleeve Dress.

2. At Gentle Monster’s NUDAKE Cafe

blackpink jennie outfits
credit: Jennie / Instagram

While in Seoul, Jennie visited Gentle Monster’s NUDAKE Cafe before heading to their HAUS Dosen store. The singer wore a super sexy Alexander Wang Black Twist-Front Silk Top and Gianvito Rossi Lace-Up Black Leather Sandals.

3. On ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’

where to get jennie blackpinks outfits
credit: the Late Late Show With James Corden

Jennie headed to The Late Late Show With James Corden her Blackpink bandmates in bandmates where she wore a David Koma Houndstooth Bodysuit. The group gave an epic performance of “Pretty Savage” while on the show.

4. Feeling Yellow

how to get jennie blackpink style
credit: Jennie / Instagram

Jennie posted a cute selfie in November rocking a Calvin Klein Cardigan, Bra Top, and Bike Shorts, all in yellow.

5. Getting Support

where to get jennies outfits blackpink
credit: Jennie / Instagram

Jennie looked super comfy in this Reformation Emotional Support Sweater she wore on Instagram in November.

6. In Paris

how to get jennie from blackpink style
credit: Jennie / Instagram

While in Paris in October, Jennie stopped for a pic in front of the Eiffel Tower. Jennie rocked a sheer MM6 Maison Margiela Turtleneck on top of a Calvin Klein Black Triangle Bralette.

7. Getting Some Sunshine

where to get blackpink jennies outfits
credit: Jennie / Instagram

In July, Jennie showed off a super cute outfit composed of a Miu Miu Cropped Black Cardigan and Reformation High Rise Cowboy Brown Jeans.

8. Outdoor Adventures

where to get blackpink jennie outfits
credit: Jennie / Instagram

In April, Jennie spent the day outside while wearing a Chanel Pink Cropped Cardigan and a Chanel Bow Hair Scrunchie.

9. Sporty Spice

jennie blackpink outfits 2021
credit: Jennie / Instagram

Jennie showed off her sporty side in June while wearing an Adidas Tennis V-Neck Pleated Dress, Tennis Cropped Polo T-Shirt, and a Her Studio London Cherry Mini Bag.

10. Celebrating the New Chanel Collection

jennie blackpink 2021
credit: Jennie / Instagram

Jennie celebrating the launch of the Fall/Winter 2021 Coco Neige collection by wearing a cozy Chanel Coco Black and White Turtleneck Sweater and carrying a Chanel Flower Clutch.

11. A Little More Chanel

blackpink jennie 2021 outfits
credit: Jennie / Instagram

You can never have too much Chanel, right? At least that’s Jennie’s motto! In an October Instagram pic, Jennie wore a Chanel Purple Lilac Silk Jacquard Tunic with a Chanel Glass and Metal Chain Belt.

12. In Collab With Firstsoju

jennie blackpink 2021 style
credit: firstsoju / YouTube

Chanel isn’t the only partner Jennie has! She also works with Firstsoju, for which she wore a Self-Portrait Black and White Bow Dress for their latest ad.

13. Harper’s Bazaar Korea

jennier blackpink 2021 style
credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

In April, Jennie covered Harper’s Bazaar Korea, for which she wore a Chanel Pink Cardigan Dress for her photoshoot.

14. Partnering with Calvin Klein

where to get jennies outfits from blackpink
credit: Jennie / Instagram

Jennie is also a brand ambassador for Calvin Klein and rocked the brand in May to celebrate. In her Instagram post, she wore a Calvin Klein Tan Dyed Denim Jacket, Orange Bralette, and Tan Carpenter Straight-Leg Jeans.


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