'Bob's Burgers': The Best (And Worst) Halloween Episodes

bobs burgers halloween episodes
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Bob’s Burgers is pretty much the master of holiday-themed episodes. But since it’s Halloween season, let’s celebrate with some of the best costumes, songs, and puns that TV has to offer.

So, let’s get into it: the ranking of all rankings, the definitive list of the best and worst Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode of all time.

1. Season 6, “The Hauntening”

bobs burgers the hauntening
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There’s no question that “The Hauntening” is the best Halloween episode ever to grace Bob’s Burgers. The episode focuses on the Belchers’ trip to a creepy old house, where they enlist the help of Teddy and Mort to scare Louis. And although the kids don’t rock any punny costumes, Linda in her bald cap is more than enough to make up for it.

Oh, and the best part of the episode? The return of Boyz4Now and their amazing “I Love You So Much (It’s Scary)” music video.

Best Costume Award: Linda as the wife of Dr. Bobenstein

2. Season 8, “The Wolf of Wharf Street”

bobs burgers wolf of wharf street
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The second-best Halloween episode goes straight to “The Wolf of Wharf Street.” With a wolf supposedly on the loose, Linda decides to escort the kids on their trick-or-treating. And damn if their costumes aren’t on point! Linda’s a Cher-iff, Tina is a “mombie” (aka a mom zombie), Gene is a bunch of grapes, and Louise is the guy from No Country for Old Men.

Meanwhile, Bob takes too many painkillers and ends up hallucinating that Teddy is a werewolf. Teddy is forced to chase Bob through the streets. The image of Teddy dressed as a sexy nurse with a coffee table strapped to his hunched back is just too much to handle.

Best Costume Award: Tina dressed as a zombie version of Linda

3. Season 9, “Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street”

bobs burgers best halloween episodes
credit: Fox

Next up is the Halloween episode from season 9, “Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street.” Teddy is obsessed with besting another contractor, who is hanging Halloween decorations next door to Bob. Teddy ends up creating a giant tarantula with saws on the legs. It quickly ends up out of control and destroying his nemesis’  decorations.

Meanwhile, the kids are determined to track down a mysterious candy thief.

Best Costume Award: Tina and her “Nun of Your Business” outfit. Nailed it.

4.  Season 4, “Fort Night”

bobs burgers halloween episodes
credit: Fox

“Fort Night” was Bob’s Burgers second attempt at a Halloween episode and ended pretty decently. The episode follows two plotlines — the kids stuck in their cardboard fort in an alley and the adults making a dragon costume.

While the kids’ battle with Millie is just so-so, Bob and Linda’s dragon costume attempt ends up being pretty funny. They even attempt to go trick-or-treating in the costume when the kids don’t show up, yielding hilarious results. But the best scene of all has to be Bob’s desperation to get glitter, only to drop it all on the street. “I’m trying to make a costume for my kids!!” he yells at the honking drivers. LOL.

Best Costume Award: Bob and Linda in their half-done dragon

5. Season 3, “Full Bars”

bobs burgers full bars episode
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“Full Bars” was Bob’s Burgers very first Halloween episode. While it was a valid attempt, it definitely took the gang a few more seasons to get it right.

In the ep, the Belcher children travel to Kingshead Island where all the rich kids live. The kids end up in an epic battle with some older kids who are bullying the younger trick-or-treaters with pee balloons. After luring the bullies into a hot tub and pouring hot sauce in their underwear, the kids just barely escape the island with a few candy bars.

Best Costume Award: Gene as Queen Latifah during her U.N.I.T.Y phase

6. Season 7, “Teen-A-Witch”

bobs burgers halloween episodes
credit: Fox

At its best, “Teen-a-Witch” is mildly entertaining, but at its worst, it’s one of the most forgettable episodes of the entire season. The episode mainly focuses on Tina and her newfound hobby of witchcraft. She spends most of her time trying to win a costume contest after her frienemy Tammy steals her idea to be a hot mess. Tina tries to retaliate by casting a spell on her but the whole thing blows up her face. Sorry, Tina.

Best Costume Award: The throwback of Louise as Mr. Frond

7. Season 5, “Tina and the Real Ghost”

bobs burgers halloween episode
credit: Fox

Hmm, “Tina and the Real Ghost.” Not their best effort. The episode is bearly Halloween-themed and focuses mostly on Tina’s relationship with a ghost in a box, who ends up cheating on her with Tammy. In the end, Tina ends up scaring all her friends in a graveyard. Womp womp.

Best Costume Award: Gene as both Turner and Hooch.


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