'Bob's Burgers' Creator: 'We're Not Proud of Taking Away Jobs From Women'

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Bob’s Burgers has 8 seasons under its belt but there’s still one thing it just can’t master: hiring women.

There are three main female characters and yet only one (Louise) is voiced by a woman (Kristen Schaal). Obviously, John Roberts and Dan Mintz are freaking hilarious as Linda and Tina respectively, but casting them does take away opportunities for female voice actors, which is not cool.

But it seems like the show is finally ready to take some action to remedy things. At the 2018 Comic-Con panel, creator Loren Bouchard said,

“We are very aware of casting men as women. Of course we’re aware — we know they’re men. We’re not proud of taking jobs from women. That’s not what we want as a slugline for Bob’s: ‘Taking jobs from women since 2010.’”

He added,

“We need some balance. We want to improve. I think the cross-casting is fun; it’s part of what makes animation magical. John Roberts can make Linda come alive. […] And yet we do want [actual] evidence of balance.”

Loren even admitted that in the past they’ve used Sarah Silverman and her sister Laura as “proof” that they can cast other women besides Kristen, but they know that’s not nearly good enough.

It didn’t sound like they had any concrete plans in place, but admitting they have a problem is a good first step. And we’ll truly see if they can keep their word when season 9 drops in the fall.

In other Bob’s Burgers news:

The movie is still on track for 2020 (which will include Louise’s Kuchi Kopi nightlight)

The meal delivery service Blue Apron is making your Bob’s Burgers fantasies come to life this summer with the Gouda Wife Burger, Quantum of Salsa Burger, and the Absentee Shallot Burger

Shake Shack created a real-life Bob’s Burgers restaurant just for Comic-Con

And the best news of all? Boyz4Now is making a return for season 9. Ahhh, so much Bob’s Burgers goodness!


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