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source: Instagram

Looks like somebody is out to steal BoJack’s thunder! Amazon just ordered the new animated TV show Amberville, set to be a dark comedy.

According to Deadline, the series will focus on Teddy Bear, a reformed member of the mob who is pulled back into the world of crime by his former mob boss.

If the idea of a dark-comedy centered on anthropomorphized animals sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Netflix fans know the idea well in the hit show BoJack Horseman, which focuses on a human-like horse named BoJack who struggles to revive his acting career. Oh yeah, and it’s also a dark comedy.

It’s no surprise that Amazon would want in on the action however. BoJack Horseman has been a huge hit and recently received rave reviews for an underwater episode. And with stars like Aaron Paul, Will Arnett, and Amy Sedaris voicing the characters, the show was bound to be a success.

No word yet on who will voice Teddy Bear, or any of the other characters, but if they want to compete with BoJack, they’ll need to get someone seriously good.

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