6 Reasons to Boycott the State of the Union Tonight

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, Trump will give his first State of the Uniom, I mean Union, of his presidency.

While I would never advocate that someone stay ignorant of the political issues at hand, Trump’s speech is not likely to be informative. So here are a few reasons why you should boycott the event tonight.

6. At Least 12 Democratic Representatives Are Boycotting the Speech

Among those skipping the SOTU are prominent Representatives John Lewis, Maxine Waters, and Barbara Lee. Lewis and Waters had the best statements out of the group. Lewis said,

“I cannot, in all the conscience, be in a room with what he has said about so many Americans. I just cannot do it. I wouldn’t be honest with myself.”


Waters released the following statement,

“I don’t trust him, I don’t appreciate him and I wouldn’t waste my time sitting in that House listening to what he has to say. He does not deserve my attention.”

Talk about reclaiming her time!

The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsberg will also not be in attendance as she has a speaking engagement that was scheduled before the SOTU date was announced. But I’d like to think she’d skip nonetheless.

5. Don’t Give Trump the satisfaction of big viewership numbers

As we all know, Trump *loves* to brag about how big his audience is, starting way back when he lied about the size of his inauguration audience. I personally refuse to give Trump something to brag about. The whole presidency is a reality show to him, and I’m not watching.

4. He’s Planning to Take Credit for Obama’s Economic Successes

According to White House Legislative Director Marc Short, the speech will focus on all the economic successes that have occurred since last January, including the decrease in unemployment rates. The only problem? These economic trends are the result of the policies put in place by President Barack Obama. it’s doubtful that Trump will give his predecessor any credit.

3. Trump Will Discuss His Bogus Immigration Plan

On Friday, the White House released a new immigration proposal. The proposal included a path to citizenship for DREAMERS, but there’s obviously a catch. It also includes $25 billion to build at least part of the wall (the wall that Mexico will not be paying for), as well as a cut to family-based immigration. Currently, immigration policies make it easier for folks to bring over their spouses and children, but the new policy would make that much harder.

And as we all know, Trump can’t get through a speech about immigrants without saying something racist, so there’s that.

2. Trump Plans on Bragging About the Tax PLan

Remember that disastrous tax bill that the GOP passed in December? Yeah, apparently that will be a big bragging point for Trump. In case you forgot how the tax scam bill will affect millions of Americans, check out our recap here.

1. Trump is a Psychopathic, Racist, Self-Centered, Erratic, Lying, Ego-Maniac of a President

The best reason of all not to watch the SOTU tonight is because we cannot continue to support and enable this horrible wannabe-dictator. He continues to promote racist rhetoric, support white supremacy, mock foreign leaders, and bate North Korea into war. We cannot continue acting like this is normal. This is not normal and I refuse to continue living as if it were so.

Lena Finkel
Lena Finkel is the Editor and Founder of Femestella. Prior to starting Femestella, she worked at People, InStyle, Tiger Beat, and Sesame Workshop (aka Sesame Street). She loves all things Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules. When she's not busy binge-watching TV, you can find her hanging out with her tuxedo cat Tom.