Breonna Taylor’s Incident Report Was Finally Released; Claims Breonna Suffered 'No Injuries'

breonna taylor incident report

It’s been nearly three months since Breonna Taylor was murdered by police officers while in her own bed and yet the Louisville Metro Police Department is just now releasing the incident report from that night

It’s nearly blank.

The report provides incredibly limited information about the evening that Taylor was fatally shot, particularly on the series of actions that led up to Taylor’s senseless death. It lists the case number, Breonna Taylor’s name as the victim, and the names of the three officers who fatally shot her as the offenders. And that’s about it.

Large swaths of the document are completely empty. The “Notes/Narratives” section on the last page, specifically meant to give the context and details of the situation, merely says, “PIU investigation.”

breonna taylor police report

And the information the report does provide is equally troubling as much of it is blatant lies. Taylor was shot at least eight times in her sleep; yet, in the section meant for listing her injuries, it simply says, “none.” Additionally, in the section asking whether the officers used forced entry, the box for “no” was checked, even though they were executing a no-knock warrant and used a battering ram to get inside the apartment.

Also troubling? The section labeled “Bias Motivation” simply has the words “none (no bias).”

The lack of transparency in Taylor’s police report is unacceptable, especially given that there is also zero body camera footage of the incident. She was in her own apartment — in her own bed! — when plainclothes officers raided her home after midnight on March 13, 2020, searching for drugs (that were non-existent) based on absolutely no concrete evidence. In a matter of moments, her life was taken. And it seems that the LMPD wants the circumstances around her death to be subsequently erased.

The three officers listed in the report — Jon Mattingly, Myles Cosgrove, and Brett Hankison — were placed on administrative reassignment and still walk free. No criminal charges have been filed. No accountability has been taken.

Meanwhile, Breonna Taylor, an EMT with her whole life ahead of her, will forever be frozen at 26, her future extinguished in an instant. She deserved better. And she deserves justice.

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