Brie Larson: How Her Friendship with Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence Saved Her Life

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source: Instagram

Whoever said shine theory was dead clearly hasn’t been to Hollywood recently. More and more, we’re hearing stories of how women in Hollywood are lifting each other up, and the latest tale of Brie Larson, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence is just the cherry on top.

Larson recently opened up about the friendship to Vanity Fair. Apparently, the three were introduced via fellow actor Woody Harrelson, who felt the three could benefit from the support. For Brie, it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

She was in the process of promoting Room and the publicity was beginning to get to her.

“I felt lonely and bad sometimes. I was embarrassed to keep talking about myself.”

And that’s where Emma Stone came in.

“Emma wrote this beautiful e-mail out of nowhere, and then one day Jen sent me a text message after she saw Room, and we started talking. That [group of friends] saved my life. I was able to talk with them about everything that was going on in my life, and it was with people who had been through it before and are also hilarious. That support and acceptance was everything. I was home-schooled, so I didn’t have friends that had the same interests as me, and I found it to be absolutely incredible.”

Later, when Larson and Lawrence found themselves both in Montreal for work, they ended up bonding.

“We just had a blast together, going to get dinner every Saturday night. It gave us all a chance to connect.”

Emma Stone, Brie Larson, and Jennifer Larson aren’t the only women to have found support in the industry. Kerry Washington and Zoe Saldana have often spoken out about the encouraging nature of women in Hollywood and how it’s nothing like the dog-eat-dog world that the media likes to portray.

Case in point? When Stone won the Oscar for Best Actress and Larson didn’t, Brie took to Instagram to write, “You know what’s better than winning? Watching your friend win.”

Snaps all around.

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