Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana Talk Female Friendships, Give us All the Feels

Ok, can we please be friends with Abbi and Ilana now? The two Broad City stars and creators recently discussed the awesomeness that is female friendships.

Speaking at the Ozy Fusion Fest, the duo talked about why their friendship is so epic.

“Female friendships are so special but it’s because you really feel your womanhood. It’s like, ‘Oh my god we have special powers’ and you don’t have to say it explicitly every time. And boys have powers too but women’s powers. Oh my god,” Ilana explained.

She later added,

“There’s an understanding of how women are just fucked over, I guess. It’s just that extra Ugh. Oy. That women are living with and it’s just nice to connect on.”

As for Abbi, she whole-heartedly agreed that women have a special bond that she just doesn’t get with her guy friends.

“I guess when I think about it, they do feel different. There’s a liiiittle bit more in common.”

Additionally, the two discussed why Broad City is so focused on the two of them, rather than focus on their potential relationships with guys.

Ilana said,

“Not that I never want to write something or be in something that’s about a [romantic] relationship between any two people—because that’s interesting too—but I kind of hope we always make stuff that’s more about women as characters, not as women trying to fit in as girlfriend characters in a guy’s life or in anybody’s life.”

Ugh! Could they be any cooler?

Photo: Abbi Jacobson/Instagram

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