The Latest ‘Broad City’ Clip Will Break Your Heart

broad city
source: Instagram

Broad City may not return until August 2017, but the girls decided to cook up something special for April. Too bad it’s literally going to break your heart in a million pieces.

The newest clip features Abbi and Ilana FaceTiming, per usual. Everything is going pretty normally until BAM — Ilana lays down the law with Abbi: Their friendship is over.


The whole thing is just an April Fool’s Day prank, obviously. Could these two ever really break-up? We don’t think so. Check out the hilarious prank for yourself below.


This isn’t the only teaser that Broad City has dropped in our laps since going on hiatus. After the election, the two planned how to handle a Trump presidency.

The ladies have also been keeping busy by getting married (Ilana) and writing a book (Abbi).

If you miss your Abbi and Ilana fix, make sure to check out the awesome merch that Broad City dropped last year.

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Lena Finkel
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