'Broad City' Ilana Glazer: I've Got Nothing Left to Give

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The Broad City babes are damn-near exhausted.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer talked about the end of the show, which will conclude after season 5.

Ilana seemed particularly done with the show, especially after the politically-charged season 4 (the girls even went so far as to bleep out Trump’s name). She told NYT,

“Season 4 really took it out of me, from beginning to end, and stretched on for so long. We couldn’t do another one after 5. Couldn’t do it.”

The season actually had to be rewritten after the unexpected results of the 2016 presidential election, adding insult to injury.

“When we came back to rewrite it, there was so much police brutality. We kept being like, why the [expletive] are we in here?”

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Broad City will definitely end on a high note, with every single season better than the last. But for Ilana, keeping the integrity of the show was essential. But it also left her creatively drained.

“We needed to set these personal and creative boundaries, to keep the show as high-quality as it remains. That takes a limb. It takes an entire arm. I’ve got no limbs left. My head’s cut off on the fifth. I’ve got nothing left to give. There’s just a torso on the floor.”

While fans are all pretty upset that the show is ending (myself included!), maintaining the reputation of the show is clearly more important than milking it for all it’s worth. We all know those shows that have gone on way too long.

As for what’s next for Ilana post-Broad City, the actress certainly has enough on her plate. She’s already started establishing a film career (The Night Before, Rough Night) and will continue to be politically outspoken. She’s also returned to stand-up with fellow comic Phoebe Robinson.

Although we’ll all miss Broad City, we know there are big things ahead for Ilana and Abbi.


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