'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Boss on the Big Proposal: 'They Acted the Hell Out of It'

If you haven’t watched this week’s Halloween heist episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then what are you waiting for?

But seriously, spoilers ahead.

This week marked a big moment for everyone who’s been watching from the beginning: Jake finally popped the question to Amy! After the big heist went down, Jake got on one knee and asked Amy Santiago to be his wife. It was perhaps one of the most surprising (and sweet!) TV proposal yet.

For fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this is something we’ve been waiting for a while. But Jake has been a little, uh, shall we say, immature? So it seemed improbable that it would happen anytime soon. Who knew he was ready to take the big leap?

According to the mastermind behind the show Dan Goor, he said,

“I think Jake is definitely in a better place to make a huge life decision. Also, we wanted to make clear in the dialogue that Jake had made the decision before going to jail. In other words, we don’t think — and we don’t want viewers to think — that Jake is proposing as a result of the trauma he suffered. Going to jail was not causal; it just caused a delay in Jake’s plans.”

Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) have always had amazing chemistry and the proposal was no different. Goor explained,

“We did a lot of different takes of the scene, and some of the lines were improvised on the day. But … I think it felt un-sitcommy because Andy and Melissa just acted the hell out of the scene.”

And the heist was pretty much the perfect moment for the two of them, especially since they are both so into Halloween.

“We decided to put the proposal in the heist for a number of reasons: We thought people wouldn’t see it coming, we knew the episode would be big and fun, and since Amy loves the heists so much, it seemed like the perfect way for Jake to propose to her.”

Um, adorable!

Most critics are hailing the episode as one of the show’s best and if you watched, you probably know why. In addition to the proposal, the episode included an awesome Handmaid’s Tale scene with Jake dressed as OfAmy.

It will probably be a while until the actual wedding goes down, so if you’re jonesing for some Brooklyn Nine-Nine love, you’re in luck — Stephanie Beatriz just got engaged IRL!

Lena Finkel
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