Camila Cabello Will *Not* Fall For Your Tricks — Instead, Says the Sweetest Things About 5H

For all of you out there trying to stir up drama between Camila Cabello and Fith Harmony (you know who you are), Camila will not fall for it.

The singer recently sat down for an interview with Radio Disney where she proceeded to say the nicest things about her former girl group. She said,

“Looking back, my time with Fifth Harmony was amazing. Fifth Harmony represented this confidence and this girl power. I wouldn’t be the person or the artist that I feel like I’ve discovered so I’m definitely super grateful for that experience.”

So classy!

Of course, this comes shortly after Fifth Harmony had some fun at the VMAs, where their fifth member suddenly (and mysteriously) fell off the stage. But there have been shots fired on both sides, so perhaps this will finally put an end to things?

It seems like both Camila and 5H are tired of having to constantly talk about each other and stir up old feelings. Each artist is doing well, so why not just move on?

Camila is currently promoting her single “Havana,” which she performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Can’t wait to see what else the 20-year-old has in store for us this year! Check out her performance below.

Lena Finkel
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