Camila Cabello Says She’s a Fan of Fifth Harmony’s New Single ‘Down’

camila cabello fifth harmony
source: Instagram

It seems like the whole drama of the Camila Cabello-Fifth Harmony split is finally behind us! And thank goodness.

Both Cabello and Fifth Harmony recently released new music (Cabello’s “Crying in the Club” and 5H’s “Down”) but don’t worry, there won’t be any kind of competition showdown anytime soon.

Camila was even asked what she thought of her former group’s music. Her response was classy AF, of course! She said,

“I haven’t had a chance to hear the whole thing yet. But I thought it was pretty cool. I wish the best for them, and I’m sure that they’re gonna kill it.”

As for if she feels “weird” not hearing herself on the single (seriously, what a dumb question!), she said,

“I’m super happy making my music. So it doesn’t feel weird, it feels natural.”

Good for you, girl! We are so down (Get it!) for this détente. Both musicians have powerful voices and strong careers ahead of them. There’s no need to tear each other down.

Watch the full interview below.

Lena Finkel
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