Camila Mendes Talks 'Riverdale' Season 2: 'I'm Ready to See Veronica Fail'

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The second half of Riverdale season 2 is starting in just a few weeks and I, for one, am so ready for the return to normalcy.

The creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has promised us that we’re moving beyond the Black Hood and back to what the show is really about: friendships and relationships. But Camila Mendes is personally ready to shake things up.

In a recent interview, Camila talked about her hopes for her character Veronica and said,

“I want to see [Veronica] challenged—I want to see her at her breaking point… I love strong characters and they’re fun to play, but I think we’ve seen a lot of strong Veronica. It would be interesting to see her in a different light. I want to see her weak and defeated. I want to see her fail.”

That may not be so far-fetched. Lili Reinhart has already teased that Betty and Veronica’s friendship will be put to the test so we could definitely see some hardship ahead for Veronica. Lili said the bulk of the friends’ issues will stem from their warring families. She said,

“I think there is definitely challenges to come in Betty and Veronica’s friendship, and it’s a result of their parents, to be honest. It’s like, how do they navigate their friendship with the parents that they have? And if their parents are at war, does that mean the kids are at war? That becomes very, very heavy in the latter half. The concept of Betty and Veronica putting each other first does become challenged.”

Betty has become Veronica’s #1 so we could definitely see Veronica struggling if she loses her best friend.

What we do know for sure, however, is that Veronica has a lot of dark times ahead. Not only is she getting deeper and deeper into her family’s business and closer to her father, who clearly has done some shady shit. Back in October, Camila said,

“In this season, you’ll be seeing her try to become more part of the Lodge family, and her parents keeping her in the dark and keeping secrets from her, because they don’t want her to be involved in whatever shady business they’re doing. I think her darkness this season is coming from her willingness to be part of the dark world.”

January 17th can’t come soon enough!


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