Can Celebrities Influence Young People's Decision to Stay in College?

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Today, celebrities can have a powerful impact on students. They can influence how young people view themselves and how they perceive the world around them. We shouldn’t underestimate how pop stars, actors, and other famous people affect youth’s behavior and attitudes. For better or worse, celebrities become role models. What does that mean? Let’s discuss!

What Is a Role Model?

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A role model is a person others look up to. Basically, it’s someone who inspires others, especially the younger generation, to imitate their behavior. The term role model was created by Robert K. Merton, a famous sociologist. It was much popularised in the second half of the twentieth century.

With the boom of media in popular culture, certain celebrities have been elevated to worldwide acclaim and become role models. So now they make an impact on youth’s values, aspirations, and life decisions, including those related to education. Believe it or not, celebrities can influence one’s desire to pursue a degree. Since college life is quite challenging, many students just want to drop their studies at some point. If great workloads make you exhausted, you can use the source, which provides academic help to students. Such services with paper samples and expert assistance can inspire you to keep pursuing your degree.

Are Celebrities Good Role Models For Students?

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It’s hard to give a single answer to the question if celebrities are good role models. Most experts say “yes and no,” which means that some celebrities can make a positive impact on youth, while others can’t.

You must know that there are a lot of social activities and mental health advocates that encourage positive behavior, foster acceptance and create awareness about important issues.

For example, Selena Gomez and Colton Haynes are doing their best to teach young adults to prioritize their mental health and seek treatment when needed. Other celebrities, like Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, and David Hogg, encourage teens to follow high social and personal values.

However, some celebrities can be really bad role models. There are a lot of famous people who are open about their unhealthy way of living and even about using substances. Of course, it has a destructive influence on adolescents.

Qualities of Positive Celebrity Role Models

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Probably, the greatest attribute of a positive role model is a passion for everything they do. Celebrities must inspire others with their devotion and hard work. According to some surveys, students want to follow those who are dedicated to their occupation and willing to give back to the next generation.

Another quality of celebrities that provides a positive example to students is a clear set of values. Young people admire those who act in ways that support their beliefs. Why? Maybe because it helps them understand their own values. With the right role models, students can also learn how to fulfill those values.

Celebrities who have a positive impact on youth are also committed to the community. They are other-focused instead of being self-focused. That means they are active in their communities and happy to give their time and energy to benefit people. Students admire those who help others in need, participate in community events and serve society.

Positive role models are basically selfless. They demonstrate full commitment to their communities and acceptance of others, no matter how different they are. Such celebrities don’t see social barriers and consider people’s needs, no matter what their background or circumstances are. Their whole lifestyle is a type of service.

And the last but not least quality of good celebrity role models is the ability to overcome obstacles. Once, Booker T. Washington said that success is measured not by the position reached by someone in life but by the obstacles that have been overcome.

How Celebrities Can Influence the Decision to Stay in College

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As you see, celebrities who have become role models to students affect their lives in a very significant way. They can shape youth’s value system and influence important decisions. If one follows an example of a celebrity who has proper higher education and promotes getting a degree, they are more likely to study in college and achieve big academic results. On the contrary, those who admire celebrities leading a disorganized life have a higher chance to drop out of school. That’s why it’s important to avoid role models who have poor ambitions in education and look up to those with great academic accomplishments.

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