Drinks on us!

Staying home this Saturday night? Enjoy a glass of wine with your feline friend with the original cat wine (no affiliation to the original kitten mittens lol).

What’s that you say, you haven’t heard of cat wine? Let us explain.

Cat wine was first thought up by company Apollo Peak two years ago. These kitty beverages come in a variety of flavors and are composed of all natural ingredients to keep your furry friend safe. No alcohol is actually involved, it’s more like liquid catnip.

Since starting the brand, Apollo Peak has now expanded to now offer dog wine as well.

But Apollo Peak isn’t the only company that offers pet beverages. Since starting, a copycat has appeared on the market called Pet Winery and the two brands apparently loath each other. Who knew the cat wine business was full of such drama? Lol.

Perhaps the real drama, however, is that the New York Times took it upon themselves to give shelter cats a taste test and the kitties detested both companies’ drinks.

Well, we’re obviously going to have to test out both to see for ourselves. Drinks on us!

Photo: @officially_shelby

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