Cara Delevingne just chopped it all off.

As we previously reported, Delevingne was set to cut off her gorgeous locks for her new film A Year in a Life (unrelated to Gilmore Girls, sorry). And now we finally have the picture proof!

The model-turned-actress debuted her new look, a pixie cut dyed pink, on Instagram after teasing fans the day before.

cara delevingne hair
source: Instagram

Delevingne joins her co-star Jaden Smith in the act, as he also had to cut off his dreads for the film.

Pixie cuts seem to be the new look of the season! Early this year Katy Perry shocked fans by getting shaving it all off, debuting a new androgynous style for the singer. Zoe Kravitz also went for the pixie this month but decided to dye her hair platinum blonde.

It’s definitely a bold look and not everyone can pull it off, but we think Cara wears it well! Of course, in Hollywood, dramatic haircuts don’t always last long as celebs can just turn around and get extensions anytime they want. But we’re definitely enjoying the shorter ‘do while it lasts.

As reported by Deadline, A Year in a Life follows a 17-year-old boy who finds out his girlfriend is dying and decides to spend every moment of their last year together. How very A Walk to Remember, right? Cara is also working on another film, Fever Heart, opposite Alexander Skarsgard. Both will come out next year.


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